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2nd-floor Setouchi Cuisine Restaurant "Kaorihime"RESTAURANT
Kaorihime offers a rich array of traditional dishes from Kagawa and Ehime Prefectures. The lunch menu revolves around genuine Sanuki udon dishes, with the Iyo tai-meshi (sea bream cooked with rice) and mini Sanuki udon noodle combination set being a particularly popular choice (only 50 servings available each day). In the evening, guests can enjoy local Kagawa and Ehime sake and wines together with fresh seafood and other Setouchi delicacies, available à la carte or in multi-course meals. Kaorihime can accompany group events with up to 18 guests. 2nd-floor Setouchi Cuisine Restaurant "Kaorihime"
Tel: 03-5537-2684
Open year-round (except New Year holiday period)
(All prices shown include consumption tax)
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Seats 77 guests: 53 in main dining area, 18 in raised tatami mat section, 6 in private room